The looks this week are a mixed bag. Some miss the mark completely, like Anna’s and Janeane’s, but several are looking pretty solid. My favorites were Anthony’s sculptural aqua dress and Ben’s color-blocked kimono. Jesse actually did something that I liked this week. It Golden Goose Sale wasn’t in my top three, but it was the best thing I think we’ve seen from him thus far, so it stuck out a bit.

Yay! Anthony was in the top. And boy, howdy, how he deserved it. It’s always nice to see someone you like as a person succeed. Anna was sent on her way. Dramatic runway pieces may not be her forte, but I think Anna’s attention to detail and sweet, simplistic aesthetic will be embraced by consumers.

Congrats, Anthony! Back to Fashion Week! --Carol Hannah Whitfield

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Tell us: What are you questions for Carol Hannah? What did you think of this challenge? Were you as happy for Anthony as Carol Hannah was? Do you think Anna will be successful?

Carol Hannah answers questions from last week's comments:

From Sara: Hey Carol Hannah! I love your blog and your style. It’s cool to hear what really goes on behind the scenes and I love hearing your opinion after each episode. I was wondering what happens to the dresses that aren’t winning looks when there are challenges like this week’s. Do the women get to keep the dresses they had made for them? Thanks!

All of the looks from each week are auctioned off on, but in certain cases the women do get to keep the garments. I know the divorcee’s eventually received their transformed dresses after the episode aired. Hopefully, these women will too.

From Jen:I loved Amy’s dress! Right now she’s my favorite. Carol Hannah, I was wondering from your season what was your favorite challenge?

I really loved the paper challenge because it was so out of the ordinary. It was the type of thing you think about doing for fun, but don’t because you never have time GGDB Sneakers or a real reason to.

From Joanne:I noticed designers making patterns and muslins. Are these materials provided to them, or are they purchased at Mood when buying the challenge fabric?


Muslin for draping and pattern paper is provided in the workroom in an unlimited supply. Muslin actually became your best friend if you ran out of fabric for something that didn’t show in the garment or if you didn’t have time to buy interfacing (an underlayer that adds support and structure).Mike Yarish/Lifetime